Pellta Smartphone Security

Countersurveillance for your Mobile Device – the Smartphone Security Solution

Pellta One is the efficient solution against espionage on mobile phones.

As constant companion smartphones have become attractive goals for cyber attacks and espionage. Nowadays it is possible to hack smarthones without a lot of expert knowledge. Additionaly the Speach to Text Technology allows efficient analyses and transmission of audio data that is hard to detect.

With Pellta One Pro you avoid the unauthorised transmission or recording of audio and video.


  • 88% of all german Companies are affected of industrial espionage
  • Strong increasement of attacks on Microphone and Cameras
  • Especially private used Company phones or BYOD is a high risc
  • Modern smartphones with build in battery are almost impossible to really switch off


  • Active Protection against unwanted acces on Microphone and Cameras
  • The Phone stays ready to receive calls
  • Direct Access to the phone allways possible
  • No Installation of Software or Apps necessary
  • Kompatibel with all known Smartphones
Abhörschutz für Smartphones

Pellta One

Smartphone Security

Camera deactivated

No optical espionage via Camera possible

Microfon deaktivated

No Wiretapping – not live and not via recording

Protection for all Vendors

Security for all usual Smartphones


Incomming calls are still signaled

By a special developed procedure the Microphones of the Telephone are hindered to receive or transmitt acustig Signals and conversations. For the user it is silent. The Phone stays available and can be heard when a call incomes. However the Phone itself hears and sees nothing.

By this you are reachable during Meetings or in the Homeoffice but you can be shure that you are not wiretapped via the phone.

Patented realtime Audio Jamming

The Devices are developed and produced in Germany

Made in Germany

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