Security Check

Security Checks

Information Security – IT-Security – Cybersecurity

Information Security means more than just IT-Security

The IT Security is a big part of Information Security. But by far not all.

Within the IT Security The Cybersecurity mainly addresses the Security against attacks from outside. But as Networks are growing more and more together the borders are fluid.

Many similar Systems – but each Customer is unique

Depending on your business field and network structure, we offer different Solutions and Modules to test and increase your Security.

To our Tests of IT Security belong among others:
  • IT Quick Check
  • IT Security Check
  • Documentation Check
  • Asset Management
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Check of Business Processes, quality Management, organisational Security Provisions
  • Pentests
  • BAS – Breach and Attack Simulations
  • Red Teaming
  • Wlan Security Check
  • Home Office Workplace Check
Other technical Checks for (Information)Security are:
  • Smart Building security Check
  • Physical Red Teaming
  • Physical Security / Building Security / Access Protection
  • Sweep Team – Counter Surveillance
  • Threat Protection
Non-technical Security we test by the following Modules:
  • Awareness Test
  • Phishing Test
  • Social Engineering Tests
We also Check the Safety and Security of Machines and Automation Plants:
  • Plant Security
  • Electrical Installation Security
  • Automationsecurity
  • Industrial Cyber Security
  • Machine Safety
  • IoT Security
We test among others against the following Norms and Guidelines:
  • Information Security nach BSI Grundschutz
  • Critical Infrastructures nach BSI-KritisV
  • B3S
  • VDS 3838 Smart Building Security
  • IoT Security for Consumer Hardware nach ETSI/EN 303 645
  • VDE 0802 / EN 62 443 IT Security for industrial Automation Systems
  • DGUV 3&4 Security Checks (German Accident prevention Law)
  • VDE 0113 / EN 60 204 Machine Safety
  • VDE 0105-0100 Electrical Installation Safety
  • VDE 0751-1 / EN 62353 Medical Devices Safety
  • possibly individual rules depending on Customer

“What is the right Check of our Company?”

Please Contact us – we are happy to advice you – for Your safety and security.